Mullein Thrives at UFO Landing Sight

Wild Rose Wisconsin is famous for decades of UFO reports. Lucky me!  Awesome Reiki healer Cherie and husband Bill Warzynski offered me a tour of all the places they actually saw UFO’s. We drove to where a saucer come across … Read More »

My Psychic Journey

7-1-21 When I began my reading practice many years ago, I was charging money to give people answers I did not have. What the H-E-double toothpicks, I had better figure out how to work with Spirit, every single time a … Read More »

Is TV the Boss of You?

Hi my Light Friends! I hope that this finds you well! Did you let the TV talk you out if every ounce of life force Spirit gave you? The best cure for all maladies is the effort you make to … Read More »

I am an Altar Heretic

I spent decades being afraid of my own creativity and searching for it anyway. It’s like Spiritual Lupus, being deathly allergic to your own beautiful bud. My witchy life is an antidote for Spiritual Lupus. The first step for any … Read More »

Witchy Side of the Dreaming Girl

Hey Dreamers! Been a long time out there on the vagabond road and I missed you! I have been in a cocoon becoming a better reader. On my way to wherever, I have become a medium. It is so exciting … Read More »

Radio-the Shamanic Medium

Seeing a full service operating Radio Station in a New Age space was like a gigantic antidote for the silence of spiritual solitude. Last night I had the pleasure of being a guest on Gang of Girls Radio in Naperville. … Read More »

Hello, adventurers!

There is a reason for the female pronoun here. Physical life is governed by the male or Yang half of the Yin, Yang. What this means is that the unseen world and its mysteries are Yin feminine. This is the … Read More »