Hello, adventurers!

There is a reason for the female pronoun here. Physical life is governed by the male or Yang half of the Yin, Yang. What this means is that the unseen world and its mysteries are Yin feminine. This is the singular revelation that emerged from my journey on what I came to call, “The Dreaming Girl Highway”. We are all both, of course, but in our basic design, we tend to have built-in traits that reflect the Yin-Yang principle. Men are hard-wired to hunt and women are hard-wired to gather. Because we are so creative, we can develop and adapt to be opposite our wiring. Because the feminine governs the heart, compassion awakens the feminine. Many fine men seek the path of feminine enlightenment.

These cards are a travelogue of my exploration of the feminine essence. Crafting them taught me to respect the nature of my gifts and gave me acceptance and compassion for the scars I carry from the hunting field. My search for a place in this Yang world led me somewhere unexpected. When a woman’s “place” is understood as a different and completely perfect thing, the world is transformed and every aspect of life takes on new meaning. Women are extra challenged to discover self value because the best parts of it reside in the unseen. I can only guess that for men, living in a world defined by your gender that does not reflect your finer self, could also feel lost and sad. Please, dear gentlemen, if you are inspired by this Highway, walk past the pronouns and join us on the path of the realized feminine, wholeness, divine perfection, creative freedom.

I spent my young life looking for these with a punishing urgency, gave up more than once for survival and healing, and went back when the ducks of real maturity lined up on a line between the physical world and the imaginary one. My half visible ducks allowed me to embrace these Dreamers one by one. The first image to appear was, “Birth” , then “Blood”, “Labyrinth”, “Fear”, “Airborne” , “Applied force”, “Source”, and pretty soon there were at least 20 images. At that time, my wise many-gifted friend Laura invited me over for dinner and I showed them to her. When she wept, I knew that I was no longer in a maze, I was now in a “labyrinth”. I once was lost, as the song goes. She didn’t cry because they were the most beautiful drawings in the world, but because she knew my struggle and saw that these images had shown me a way through.

Soon I was working 8-12 hours a day, delving into the language, the concepts, the story, and what was this thing, anyway? I had no idea.
This deck is my transformation of Yin completion. Through it, I came to weave a story of power, meaning, beauty and wholeness. I wove my new story out of bones, fragments, splinters, human frailty, but I wove it with the glue of Yin transformation, universal love, and reliable truth. I found the container for these pieces. I am the container for these pieces. I become whole.

Like all who are gifted with a personal redemption, I so wanted to share the joy and freedom. I have long been committed to creativity at the service of purpose. Making something playful through which I could share my journey became my quest. My images evolved with a new clarity of purpose. What needed saying? How many different bits of life were there to express?
Slowly, the set emerged. The good magic of creation demands vigilance. There is a whole lot of rowing. And somehow, in my circuitous meanderings, I ended up with a 78 card deck equal to the number of our brother deck, the Yang traditional tarot. We are parts of a whole and share the natural math of prime numbers.
And now at completion, I find the greatest gift in this arduous making, my new relationship to the feminine in everyone I meet. I see angels unveiled when I give readings, beings too complex and marvelous for the naked eye. This is the master of all gifts to me. It restoreth my soul. Can I impart to you a glimmer of that experience by sharing my journey? Not because I am endowed, but because you are and I will witness the miraculous, my Star Child, the intricate orb of YOU.

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  1. Timothy Martin AKA Tarot Tim

    just got my deck/book and am super excited to get started tapping into the “dreaming” , so enjoyed having you on the tarot talk it was illuminating!

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