Interpreting Card Positions

  • 1. Story – “You are here”- center of reading
  • 2. Source – Connection to beneficial energy
  • 3. Third Eye – Sight, Inner knowing, Perception
  • 4. Voice – Communication, Authority, Expression
  • 5. Heart – Love, Vulnerability, Heart Shrine
  • 6. Core – Balance, Wellness, Health
  • 7. Root – Foundation, Identity, Home
  • 8. Left Hand – Seek,Receive, Accept, Connect to
  • 9. Right Hand – Give, Make, Manifest, Uphold
  • 10. Mindful Medicine – Recipient Chooses this card face up.

Layout Card


The Body reading is designed to help you make connections between the physical world and your creative essence. You may choose to use other card layouts and enjoy equally interesting and illuminating results.

A Reader once asked me if you have to place the cards on the clients body. No, you do not. They correspond to these areas of the body. You can line them up on a flat surface to match the Body map above. A random selection is drawn for cards 1-9. After the readng, the client selects the tenth card, yes, by looking at the card faces until they find the right card to balance revealed energy patterns. With this card the recipient asserts full creative power over their story.

When you become familiar with the Body Map, You can simply lay them out in a row (see below). The layout guide can be found on page seven (7) in the Dreaming Girl Highway Guidebook, on the back of the card box, or you can download these layout guides.

You may be surprised at how quickly you learn the reading positions. The card positions and their meanings reflect a universal language familiar to your inner knowing.
The layout guide on the far left provides writing space so that you can record readings for your own journey or offer to benefit a client. A visual record really enhances the blossoming of new insight. Readings can grow in meaning and give form to essence because you and other participants focus your creative energy to bring this about.

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