Is TV the Boss of You?

Hi my Light Friends!
I hope that this finds you well! Did you let the TV talk you out if every ounce of life force Spirit gave you?

The best cure for all maladies is the effort you make to lighten your own Spirit, to lift your energy. If you cannot imagine willing yourself to be cheerful or choosing optimism, think of it as a mechanical exercise. You can be down-hearted and in most cases, still move your eyes, or body parts.
The beauty of our little miraculous human life is that there are many roads to the light. some with ideas, moods, or thoughts, and some by the brilliant design of our temple, the body.
Use your breath to become quiet and present. Then take a simple action. The trick is your level of sincerity- MEAN IT.
Now, raise your arms up to the sky and thank Spirit for loving you and for showing you how to fly. Talk to the air, feel it. Imagine yourself lifting up and seeing for miles. Then feel your feet on the ground. Feel the nourishment of the Mother.
Spirit’s got you and all is well.
We are still planning on hosting a retreat in late June for those of you who want to get happy and celebrate life with us
With lots of love and springy goodness, Rebecca

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