My Psychic Journey


When I began my reading practice many years ago, I was charging money to give people answers I did not have. What the H-E-double toothpicks, I had better figure out how to work with Spirit, every single time a person sat down in front of me.

Necessity was the mother of dang all. I learned to pray.

As my popularity increased and the credentials of my fellow readers became more impressive, the pressure grew: tight schedules, higher rates, long hours, and the alarming boundaries of other readers. These things did not phase me when I kept my Spiritual fitness. My prayers grew.

I become more of an animist. After long reading days, I would drive home and see cocoons made of light fibers hanging in the trees, the size of dairy cows. I could see colors in the sky, like rainbows, but not in the usual spectrum.

Where money flows, the predator goes and in places where I experienced the most beautiful Spirit teachings, outside my healing space, treachery and darkness swirled.

Only my prayers got me through.

I dreamed that Spirit wanted me to sing the Reiki in. In my drumming circle, I made friends with the Elements and the Directions.

I have learned to see color around my clients like a spirit. Sometimes, my voice says the color and then my mind knows it is there.

And so I continue to invite Spirit to use me to heal, because from the very beginning I have believed that everything that is given is for healing.

I never have any control over what comes.

After a very intense 3 years reading at a Spiritualist camp that ended with a kind of hostile take-over, I was left floating, doing phone readings. My events calendar collapsed under the fear of Covid. All my teaching, my vital Spirit school, vanished overnight. Readings trickled in. I dropped into an abyss of self-doubt.

What was I supposed to be doing? If there had not been so much going on I might have noticed that I was experiencing growing pains, “out with the old and in with the new”.

During the course of 2 years, the new butterfly of my Spirit journey emerged and I began seeing the physical body of all my clients.

I saw lights, textures. I felt very strong sensations of illnesses or the scars that remained.

The weirdest new phenomena was the dots of colored light in specific locations. I had to research them and they were revealed to be acupuncture meridian points. They were accurate, but how? I have no training, so, we adapt, right? I carry charts.

The new information is powerful. The feeling can be raw and almost painful. I use it to anchor the reading. If I can feel the gird in your throat, Spirit is with us. The intention is stronger and clearer.

We can talk about your new boyfriend or the price of eggs, but SPIRIT is working on your well-being.

I always ask for healing for my client with no agenda. I do not want to create that thing called “Effort”. Effort is contractive. I want Reiki neutral.

What happens often after a reading is that people tell me that their chronic body pain is better. I do not ask them to ID body pain. I do not heal or treat body pain. That is 100% Spirit, and it happens frequently.

This is my new mission, to see where this healing takes me. I have a client coming over Friday. She has breast cancer and I, Rebecca, the flawed anxious reader, am terrified about that. I charge nothing and do everything I can think of to support healing, mind, body, soul. I urge her to fight for the treatment she really wants in a world where treatment options are controlled by Pharma.

She comes here for hope and my time and I bring in other practitioners with lively hands. We pray together, set our egos aside and share an internal mantra:

” Identify, Isolate, Excise, Clear”  Then we go to work.

Tomorrow, my excellent colleague Kris will stimulate energy flow while I break up a shoulder blockage. Then we will uphold the body balance process as it settles in to healing.

The lovely client who is bravely pioneering her own healing will stride forward with a tiny spark of hope.

I look for others I can help.

IF you know anyone who needs some support while tackling health problems, send them my way. (email or message)

I am grateful for your good faith!

Blessings of the beautiful early summer enchantments

from Rebecca, the Erstwhile Dreaming Girl

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