Mullein Thrives at UFO Landing Sight

Wild Rose Wisconsin is famous for decades of UFO reports. Lucky me!  Awesome Reiki healer Cherie and husband Bill Warzynski offered me a tour of all the places they actually saw UFO’s. We drove to where a saucer come across a ridge and went right over their car at a very low altitude. It continued it’s downward trajectory and simply disappeared into the ground no less than 1/4 mile from the two lane road. They took a side road over immediately to see where the heck it went and saw not one sign of it. The ground was undisturbed. This saucer was quite large.

This site is now owned by the state and is part a of park. The area they showed me was like a sandy river bed between two shallow ridges. I jumped out of the car when I saw one of my favorite medicine plants, Mullein.

We had a pretty serious drought this year in our area. My plants were no bigger than dinner plates by late September. These plants were healthy, sweet, pungent and twice the size of mine. I vowed to come back and explore this site.

A few days later, I was not disappointed to find hundreds of the biggest Mullein I have ever seen, in the middle of a tall piney woods.

Some of these plants were 36″ across.

First of all, my friends are as normal as can be. When they say it simply merged with the ground, I have to conclude that that saucer was a real material object and that where it “went”, there was no “ground”. Yes, I am talking about another dimension. Is it time? Is it space? That, we don’t know, but the Mullein knew. It was basking in something I could not see. Was it growing 100 years ago when the air was pure and the soil was rich and rain plentiful?  I only know that whatever happened to my friends 25 years ago in that spot was happening to the Mullein right now for me to see. I carefully harvested a lot of Mullein that was flourishing in a crack between two worlds.

Life continues to reveal. I am keeping my eyes and my mind open.

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