The Flexible 5 Card Cross
Still a chakra reading, but more concentrated. Try this newer layout when you are ready to experiment with your intuitions more freely. Don’t use a reading layout that you are not entirely comfortable with. You will grow into your intuitive confidence.
Pick the rules that work for you and chuck the rest.
Here are the guidelines for the 5 card cross:

1. Solar plexus- Center of the story- all cards revolve around this
2. Spirit status- All things feminine- Spirit, thoughts, feelings, ideas, and connection to Source
3. Earth status- All things of the physical world, health, relation ships, work, environment, assets, karma
4. Receive- seek, attract, accept, connect to
5. Activate- Give, make, manifest, uphold, send

Adding Bridge Cards
Sometimes the 5 card cross is enough. Add cards where information is needed. 3 cards can answer most questions. The 3 cards “Bridge” the 5 card story to the client. You can add more cards, even another Bridge, but stay focused. When you wander all over the place, your reading will tend to lose momentum, and you want a lively energized reading.

Bridge example:
6. Details: Who what when where why?
7. Options: What are the querent’s choices (power)?
8. Resolution: Time frame, changes, healing, release
9. Wild card: Closure, important unexpected question

The Bridge cards may be in a different order to answer the question. Remember that it is a Flexible Cross when you decide how to interpret.

A Love Bridge
When a reading reveals some hard truth, You can ask Spirit to please show the Love. A bridge for Love tells a story of empowerment, purpose and grounding. It is feeling lost from Spirit that makes life hard. Love cards show that Spirit is with you and you are on your divine path after all. The more time you spend with Spirit, the more you see the Love in your readings.

Love Bridge example:
6. Higher purpose: Remember my hero’s journey
7. Gifts & Tools Strength: skill, creative intelligence, sight
8. Lead me: Signs, reassurances, clues, messages, choices
9. Wild Card: Let Spirit speak freely, reveal unexpected benefits

Intention sets this apart from a regular Bridge. It opens the Spirit door a little wider. Love is Spirit’s native tongue.