Readings are available

We provide readings for individuals, groups, stores, fairs and events. Let Dreaming Girl open a new vista for your life vision. In a group dynamic, the effect is multiplied.

To Inquire or Schedule
Please include your phone number and a brief description of your inquiry in an email so that we can answer all your questions. Email now!

Your Reading
When you decide to have a reading, email us to make an appoinment and arrange payment. We accept all payment forms. To get a lasting enjoyment of your reading, we recommend that you download and print the Reading Guide Record beforehand so that you are prepared to record your reading quickly and easily on this form as the cards are drawn. Readings mirror your potent present and meanings unfold over a 24 hour cycle. The new awareness can release a lot of energy. Most clients like to use the written reading as a physical focus to enhance the integration process. You hold your transformed energy in your hand, see it with your eyes, tape it inside a cabinet door. Make a place in the ordinary for the extraordinary you.

Individual reading rate is $1.00 per minute with a 30 minute minimum.
30 minutes       $30.00
31-45               $45.00
45-60               $60.00
60-75               $75.00
If you overpay for your time, we will refund you. If you underpay, we will have to pause to reload. We want more than customer satisfaction, we aim for customer revelation, rejuvenation, cleansing. We are honored to serve.