Blessing Wheel™ – Shri Yantra



Shri Yantra


Set your Earth Payers in motion with the Blessing Wheel™. Simply rotate the 5 wheels to align potent natural energies and let your prayers fly!

•  Invite Good Fortune

•  Transform Conflict

•  Attract Love

•  Improve Health

Each wheel is hand-cut from 14 point art stock.

The Shri Yantra at the center of the wheel is an ancient Sanscrit symbol of harmony and healing. The four outer wheels represent:  the four elements, the four directions, the bridge of time, and the outer activation ring.

Your Blessing Wheel comes with a detailed instruction Booklet. The wheel is for everyone- from beginners to experienced Shamans. Visual tools remind us to practice in safety, focus and clarity and keep us in the circle of the wise ones.

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