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Hey!  The Blessing Wheel is here and we have four designs: Tree of LifeEgyptian,  Shri Yantra, and Aquarian.  This is a Prayer Wheel to expand your Prayers up and out, an activation tool for your Spiritual Practice.

You are an energetic being, like a crystal snowflake made out of light. Your thoughts, ideas and dreams interact with the world around you. Earth energies respond to you. TALK to them.

FEEL them, use their natural properties to expand your manifesting field.

Let the Blessing Wheel guide your conversation. You are at the center surrounded by the spheres of life.

Hints about preparing to Bless

  1. Choose a goal mindfully for your prayer

  2. Focus completely on one goal at a time

  3. Have a notebook handy to write down all the ideas that come up

  4. When you select your option, think about how to uplift and expand the prayer subject to the light of Love, Healing and Understanding

  5. Imagine, the best you can, how the energies might help your goal

  6. Be respectful of their power, ask for their help like you would a person

  7. Have a container handy to capture any doubts you may have- one with a lid!

How to Use the Blessing Wheel

Start in the center and move outward:

  1. The center wheel is the circle of the 4 attentions, Love, Faith, Will, and Intention. Awaken the connection between you and all of life with your attention. Choose what kind of attention is right for the highest and best outcome.

  2. The second largest wheel represents the 4 basic elements of the physical plane, fire, water, earth and air. Choose an element to conduct the attention for your purpose. Align that element with the chosen attention.

  3. The third largest wheel represents the 4 directions of the physical plane, N,S,E and W. Choose a direction whose attributes serve your purpose or you may choose the actual direction of your subject. Align the chosen direction with the first two selections.

  4. The fourth largest wheel represents time. Set the time of release, usually the powerful present, but future time if indicated. Time is a very handy activator. Align the chosen time with the first three components.

  5. The outer wheel is the safety device. VERY IMPORTANT

    When setup is complete, align your prayer with the “ACTIVATE” position. Review your prayer and move it to “ON”. Inhale and exhale your prayer up and out to the Divine Totality. Then turn your wheel to the “OFF” position.  Attachment depletes power.  Your mindfully crafted prayer happened in an instant. It awoke with a thought, built power in the imagination and was delivered when you uplifted and released it.

Why pray with a wheel?

The Blessing Wheel offers something vital for the emerging practice: Structure. The physical world has structure, but the teachings of the Spiritual realm are given life through YOU, alone.

Let this little wheel remind you of the earth knowledge written in your bones. You have a deep access to the natural energies around you. Tune in and unleash them with the Blessing Wheel. Set your dreams and visions in motion.

What can it do for me?

The ideas captured in this little device have changed my Shamanic Practice.  Users keep it handy to create and deliver big prayers. Build a foundation: ground in local energies, protect your core well-being, expand your field, integrate your techniques into a working toolkit. It makes ancient wisdom practicable.

NOTE: Bringing Earth Elements into your prayer practice can turn on Spirit Teachings like a faucet.  Keep good boundaries with your practice. Be clear and concise about when you are available to receive and when you want to close that door and rejuvenate. You are in charge. (See Blog entry, “Psychic Safety” )