Welcome to “Third Eye Thursday” today’s card is “Time Wheel”

Welcome to Third Eye Thursday! The card of the day: 17. Time Wheel
Every Thursday, we will draw a card and tap the muse.
Spirit chose this card for you so let’s see what the message is.
The Time Wheel is about inevitable movement. The world does not stop for us. 2020 felt like it, but we still had to put our pants on with some very traumatic conditions (possible chafing) that were as inescapable as time.
If ever there was a favorable time to grow like crazy and sing out loud, this is surely it. You’re alive, you might as well be joyous. But who can show us the way?
Rising up is what Plant Spirit does, reaching for light, air, and connection to the world.
Flowers may look delicate and peaceful, but roots burrow in fiercely and seeds are dense with a hard protective shell.
Moral of the story: In order to grow a lovely flower, we gotta make roots and seeds and be on good terms with bees.

Then just when things are lookin good, we gotta let go of the flowers and fruit, strip down to nothing but a dried seed, fly around in some serious wind and get swallowed up by the earth for rebirth.

This is our life on the time wheel, lather, rinse, repeat.
If you are reading these words, you musta had a pretty strong seed!. See how you’re designed for success?
How can you apply this to your life no matter what?
Rise Up
How can you lift your energy? After a long winter behind a face mask, a plastic shield, some nitrile gloves, drenched in hand goo, separated from the people of your tribe, you may be more dampened down in your head than usual. We heal each other without a thought or an effort. We see each other, love each other and sooth each other. Is there someone that makes you feel better just being around? You have healing partners; people that empower you by knowing exactly what to say to free you up from internal bindings, or they may literally adjust your chakras like a chiropractor aligning your bones.
Being separated from one another with fear broadcasting from all portals cut off some of the natural flow that keeps us in well-being. This is an ideal time to acknowledge the depletion and restore the reserves. Let’s fix this, people!
Knowledge is power. You know that separation weakened you. Seek connection. How?
The worst disconnection is internal fragmentation, our biggest challenge of incarnation made far worse by this year’s unusual conditions. Our connections to each other keep us internally whole too. I find writing and communication to be an excellent glue.
Try these simple actions:
• Call a friend or colleague
• Make a plan
• Physical exercise (outdoors where the plants are!)
• Write your goals and visions, be very specific
• SHARE them with more than one person.
• Create a place in your space for that vision
(altar with some object that best describes that for YOU. Change it, add to it, but keep location)
• Commit a time slot on a weekly basis to explore ideas and share them, to write more about it.
• Keep a note book, a log of whatever comes up
Wow, Rebecca, I come here for inspiration, not perspiration.
This might sound like a lot of work, but you have been through a trauma that can affect your health. You have the capacity to not only reverse the effects, but to move beyond where you might have been without the time of involuntary incubation. You are here on this blessed earth to be a sparkling star. The Angels await your arrival.
The dreaming girl in the time wheel can see the cycle. She seizes the moment of catalytic power and jumps in.

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