Updates and New Releases

Everything is NEW! We are sharing our “new car” feeling- make that a new CARD feeling. We have cards, books, and sets now!

Coming soon!

  • Quality prints of your power symbol card faves
  • Posters- 28 x 40”
  • Dreaming Girl Card Deck Displayed- the entire collection – Fascinate and intrigue with this beautiful poster.
Meditation dvds
  • Becoming whole and clear
  • Heart Shrine
  • More later!
Coming Soonish

Pearl of Transformation – a large beautiful natural pearl pendant on a 24” sterling chain. We had to have them and we thought that you might like one too. Yes, we do have a pearl forming, so beautiful and true. You may not see it, hanging under our shirt next to our heart, but we know it is there, warm and secure. We look at it, reach for it, and continue on this starlit path with a joyful confidence.

Would you Like this?
  • Layout Guide Altar cloth/table cover-go to a whole new level of intuitive awareness. Printed on fabric with finished edge.
  • Sterling sheet fabricated Dreaming Girl pendant on a sterling chain. Sterling has both cost and value, for those who appreciate fine quality trinkets.
Inquiries and Ideas

Please use the contact form on the contact page to inquire after new releases and product availablity.

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