Bring Healing for Rachel

This prayer is for Rachel. She is having a procedure today that involves surgery and tests. Let’s help illuminate the situation for the highest good. If you don’t know her, a healing prayer is a friendly place to meet. I uphold her radiant astral body and call upon the fierce joy of spring to relieve her of suffering and the causes of suffering and to bring healing and harmony into every cell of her body today.


Helping and Healing Spirits, Angels, Ancestors and Guides, enlightened masters of earth and all the natural energies of earth, elemental masters, my ancestors, Rachel’s ancestors, The beautiful light beings of universal love healing, teachers, I gather within me the gift of my astral fire, the sparkling energy of my divine creativity, the will in my blood, the love in my heart. I gather all this and send my gift to you joyously, my courage, compassion, discipline and bliss. I send these out in gratitude to you.

You bless me 10-fold, 100-fold,1000-fold with your kaleidoscopic light. It is a glowing reservoir of perfect healing, available for Rachel and her best beloved helpers to tap gently, loving and kindly to completely restore her. May it bring peace, comfort, lightness and ease to her today.  I hold up my hands to the sky in celebration of the restoration of her perfect template. And so it is.

May all who join us in healing prayers today be blessed with overflowing well-being.

In the great Aramaic seal, Amen!

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