Deb Schantz and Rebecca Brown

will be working as a team to bring you a whole new AWESOME. When two Psychic Mediums share a vision, magical things happen and life gets interesting! Both have been working as professional psychic mediums for a long time. Now we are proud to launch “2 Psychics” and offer these services to you and yours.

• Private Psychic Medium Readings
• Group Events-Gallery Readings
• Classes/Workshops
• Séances
• Sacred Celebrations: Weddings, Tributes, Passages


A séance is a Spirit calling event. All séances are conducted with love, respect and sensitivity.
If the circumstances allow, we encourage costumes.
Victorian: Travel back to the tea-room séance with long skirts, waist coats and a bit of drama.
Ancient Wisdom: The Lord & Lady dress in green, nature is divine, a séance with the old country touch.
White Angel: Etherial, dreamy, astral, the high ones gently guide us to a vista of love and healing.


Individual Medium Readings a private session to connect with your loved ones to bring inspiration, love, clarity, release and closure.
Gallery style Medium Readings The more the merrier with your friends and family included to receive the powerful presence of your loved ones -lots of energy- this event builds momentum and is guaranteed to be cathartic and ultimately joyous.
Oracle Card Psychic Readings Spirit talks with cards of love, insight and encouragement. Rebecca reads from her own deck, Dreaming Girl Highway. Spirit is often playful and usually quite accurate when the cards are revealed.
Animal Card Readings Earth Energies guide your reading in the ancient Shaman tradition. Animal cards add a primal element to any reading by request.


Psychic You – 2 hours
Your sixth sense was meant to be developed and used just like your other senses. Join in a series of simple exercises designed to wake up your third eye. It works and we guarantee results

The Shaman’s Drum series

Drum Journey Intro – 2 hours
Learn to experience the profound trance-like state offered by this ancient practice. In our experience, drum journey is one of the best psychic “schools”.
Drum Journey Going In – Level 2 – 2 hours
More about the art of journey: language, connections, and psychic expansion. Journey mastery is a Shaman’s path. Open the door of knowledge.
Drum Journey World – Level 3 – 2 hours
Working with Spirit Energies, Power Animals and more psychic expansion. Sharing your sacred space with teachers and guides. Taking the Shaman’s Oath.

Sacred Spaces

Introducing Altar Art – 1.5 – 2 hours
We will bring many altars and explore with you the beauty and usefulness of a home altar.  We LOVE making altars. They inspire us, delight us and connect us to the divine.

Making Wands!  2 hours
Let’s make a scepter of inexplicable goodness! Every kind of beautiful embellishment provided. Your wand will be charged with your brilliant light as we learn to bring Spirit into daily life like a laser beam. Fun and power guaranteed

Instruments & sacred sounds – 2 hours
Let’s make a rattle to shake things up! Experience the power of sound for your Shamanism.

Reading Oracle Cards – 2 hours
A valuable tool for the visual practitioner. How to tap knowledge with cards.

Energy Protection Techniques  – 2 hours
The unseen world is all around us and full of mystery. Everyone encounters something uneasy eventually. Learn a few techniques to act responsibly when you are confronted with paranormal anomalies.  With mindful awareness and knowledge, we can handle most anything that we encounter.  Shaman protection is normal. We just forgot how.